Here are only a few ideas about what kind of resources can be submited by you:

  • Web templates
  • Email designs
  • Original fonts
  • Mock Ups
  • Photos
  • Icon sets
  • UI kits
  • HTML multipage templates
  • illustrations

We Accept only digital

Use the submitting form on this page, to send us your freebie or product to be sold. Your submissions will be carefully reviewed, and the most quality of them will get on the pages of Comingpost. We can’t bring out the resources which do not meet our quality standards or are too similar to the resources already published on Comingpost or somewhere else. Submitting your products, you should determine whether you want to get paid for your work, or get exposure. If you intend to sell your resource to us, you can lot upon a fee of 50-150$ (it’s up to the moderators to decide more precisely). In that case, all rights to this resource will be reserved by Comingpost, and you won’t be able to publish it in your portfolio. If you prefer promotion, we will specify your name and link to your website or profile in the publishing post with your freebie product or paid product.

Exclusive only products

If you submit your resources as a freebie on Comingpost, you shouldn’t publish it anywhere else. We reserve the right to exclusive distribution of all published products.


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