“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

Nothing comes easy, You can’t just get something you want or you want to acheive in a single day or over a night, you have to work for it.

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Sharing with you guys my weight-loss journey from fat to fit, two years before i weighed 62 kgs and now i weigh 55 kg. But’s its with no gym, no weight-loss pills and no supplements.

I just adopted a completely different lifestyle. But what did i do? I eradicated all the junkies- including the refined carb sugars, carbonated drinks, processed foods. And adopted a workout plan of my own. And also deducted the calorie input.


Following is my work-out plan, which i used to perform in the evening you can perform it in the morning also. Make sure there should be a gap of atleast 2 hrs between your meal and your workout.

1. Starting up with warm up. I did 100 jumping jacks, Standing twists, bending forward till my fingers touched the toe (maintain the postion for about 1 min)

2. 30 squats. (Make sure you do it in a correct posture)

3. 50 jumping jacks.

4. Plank (30 sec) Note: as a beginner start with doing it for 15 secs (maintain a correct posture)

5. Mountain climbs (30 secs)

6. Hip dips (30 secs)

7. Spider jumps (30 secs)

8. Russian twists (30 secs)

9. In and out (30 secs)

10. Hip raise (30 secs)

11. Leg raise (30 secs)

12. Bicycle crunches (30 secs)

13. Heel touch (30 secs)

14. Bhujangasana (cobra pose) maintain it for 1 minute.

15. Once you practice these exercises for a few days. Try doing the chakraasana ( wheel pose )

*Most importantly try NOT to exceed 1 min of rest time between each exercise.*

These exercises will not only help you to loose that unwanted fat but will also help you to increase your metabolism.


Dieting is not an instant process, and that’s why it’s hard. But that’s also why it’s worth doing. Don’t be dismayed when you haven’t dropped four dress sizes in a week, or wonder where your washboard abs are after a day of eating healthily. Results from dieting take time, but when they do come they’re definitely worth it.

The most healthy weight-loss is loosing 1-2 kg of weight in a week. People who claim to help reduce 4-5 kgs weight in a week are all fake and these are the most unhealthy methods and ways which give you temporary results.

Cutting 500-600 calories on a per day basis is found to be the most healthy and effective way to loose weight and this is approved by the ICMR.

Taking an example, a girl of 18-yr-old age group requires 1800-1900 kcal/day. And if she is overweight she needs to reduce it by 500 kcal/day which makes her daily requirement to be 1300-1400 kcal/day. Following is a energy requirement chart for various categories and age groups


Group Category/age Energy(kcal/d)

Men Sedentary work 2,320

Moderate work 2,730

Heavy work 3,490

Women Sedentary work 1,900

Moderate work 2,230

Heavy work 2,850

**Try using calorie tracking apps like healthify me, my plate etc. You need not to subscribe to them as you can calculate the calories without taking any subscription.


“If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.”

This quote goes hand in hand with the classic “never go to the supermarket hungry”. Filling your home with healthy nutritious food is the first step to dieting success, and will get you into the habit of eating healthily quicker than you might think. You’re much less likely to have a sneaky bowl of ice cream if you have to go all the way to the store to buy it.

At the start of your diet you might find yourself desperately counting down the hours until your next meal. However, this feeling will soon pass. When you get into the habit of eating healthily it will become second nature, and that’s when you’ll really start to lose weight.

Okay so here is what all i eat in a day;

Starting my day with a glass of luke warm water with apple cider vinegar in it.


Then after 15 mins, i take my breakfast. you can have poha, upma, oats, dhalia, sprouts etc Note:- cook it in a little amount of ghee. *Serving size- 1 bowl

In mid-lunch you can have an apple / cucumber / curd (1 bowl) / a glass of milk / tea /1-2 biscuits (can be a cream biscuit too but do not exceed to more then 2) / 2 pieces of chocolate . Any ONE of these options can be chosen.

In lunch i eat 1-1.5 chapatis with choice of vegetable (at least 1 bowl) with dal (of choice) (1 bowl) and a bowl of curd / vegetable raita.

In mid evening a drink black-coffee (strong one)

NOTE- *if you are a person with the problem of hypertension do NOT drink black coffee*

Alternatives to black coffee – you can have chicory coffee, green tea, black tea, ginger tea, vegetable juices (freshly prepared at home), honey-cinnamon water, peppermint tea. Also make sure to prepare them without milk and sugar.(mandatory).

In dinner i eat fruits. Fruits that need to be eaten in moderation include- mango, grapes, sapota. Try eradicating banana from your diet or consume not more than half of it. **serving size- not more than 2-3 fruits (if you are eating fruits like melon or water melon you can have half of the fruit with a combination of a small seasonal fruit )OR make a fruit salad and eat 1 bowl of it. Do not exceed. Alternatives- a small bowl of rice+dal, boiled vegetables or green veggies.

I will recommend you to make variations in diet by consuming the alternatives provided.

This diet goes well with the popular saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

*NOTE- This diet plan is not meant for people with chronic diseases.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is “It takes five minutes to consume 500 calories. It takes two hours to burn them off.”

One of the pitfalls of dieting is all of your hard work can be undone by one moment of weakness. Next time you’re thinking of reaching for the junk food, just remember every ounce of sweat and determination that has gone into your weight loss so far.

Is that muffin really worth throwing all of that away for? The answer is no.

“One must eat to live, not live to eat.”


To achieve the changes you want, its just not enough to want it, you have to be willing to do WHATEVER it takes.
It took a lot to become fat to fit ,it was not a overnight result, but with no gym, no weight-loss pills and no supplements, just a diet regimen and ofcourse exercise.

Article by upcoming Nutritionist Bhavishya from https://blogs.nutrist.me

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